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It Doesn’t Matter If Your Life is Perfect as Long as Your Nails Are.

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Spa Manicure

Softening Soak. Salt Scrub. Hand Massage. Moisturizer. File / Shape. Cuticle Trim / Care. Cuticle Oil.

With Nail Polish - 250 Baht
With Gel Polish - 450 Baht

Keep your hands and fingertips polished and perfect by promoting healthy nail growth, improving the texture and health of your fingernails as well as maintaining properly moisturized cuticles and nail beds. Relax and enjoy a manicure today!

Spa Pedicure

Softening Soak. Salt Scrub. Foot / Calf Massage. Moisturizer. File / Shape. Cuticle Trim / Care. Cuticle Oil.

With Nail Polish - 300 Baht
With Gel Polish - 500 Bah

Foot Scrub

Softening Soak. Salt Scrub. Dry Skin Removal. Moisturizer.

Foot / Calf Massage. - 350 Baht

Keep your feet beautiful and healthy by removing dead skin, softening hard skin and shaping and treating your toenails all while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Pamper your feet with a pedicure or foot scrub today!


French w/ Polish 200 baht
French with Gel Polish - 250 baht
Nail Art (Starts From) - 200 baht
3D Nail Art (Starts From) - 300 baht
Gel Glitter Art (Per Nail) -  100 baht
Gel Nail Fix (Per Nail) - 50 baht
Remove Shellac / Gel Polish - 150 baht

Gel or Acrylic Nail Extension

Natural Style With Gel Polish - 1200 baht
Glitter Style or French Style - 1500 baht
Extension Removal Only - 450 baht

The perfect artificial nail enhancements for chip-free, freshly polished nails. Whether you choose gel nails for a more natural and glossy appearance or acrylic for a more sturdy and longer lasting extension, both treatments last 2-3 weeks.

Gel or Acrylic Fill-In Service

Remove Color | File/Shape | Cuticle Care | Fill-In | Add Color

With Regular Polish - 600 baht
With Gel Color - 700 baht

Typically a ‘fill’ should be done every 2-3 weeks. As your nails start to grow out, the shape can be brought back to the original, the length brought down and the area of new nail growth will be ‘filled’ with gel or polish.


Waxing is the benefit of semi-permanent removal of hair from almost any part of the body lasting from 2 to 6 weeks. We use soft wax and the strip waxing method to remove hair directly from the root. Come benefit from our licensed esthetician today!

Waxing at Chic’s Nail is performed by a licensed esthetician. Chic’s Nail uses soft wax and the strip waxing method.

Benefits of waxing:
  • Remove large amounts of hair
  • Semi-permanent removal
  • Long-lasting from 2 to 6 weeks
  • Removes hair from the root
  • Can remove hair from almost any part of the body

Upper Lip - 100 baht
Eyebrow - 200 baht
Underarms - 200 baht
Chest - 500 baht
Face - 300 baht
Stomach - 500 baht*
Back - 800 baht*

Half Arms - 400 baht
Full Arms - 600 baht
Half Legs - 600 baht
Full Legs - 1,000 baht

Just Side Bikini - 400 baht
All Off Bikini (Brazilian) - 1,000 baht

*Price may be higher based on the amount of hair to remove


Massage therapy relieves stress and enhances quality of life. We offer traditional Thai massage, foot massage, back and shoulder massage & oil and herbal therapy massage.

  • Traditional Thai Massage
    1 Hour - 250 Baht

  • Thai Foot Massage
    1 Hour - 250 Baht

  • Thai Oil Massage
    1 Hour - 350 Baht

  • Thai Hot Oil Massage
    1 Hour - 400 Baht

  • Foot & Back Massage
    1 Hour - 300 Baht

  • Back & Shoulder Massage
    1 Hour - 300 Baht

  • Thai Herbal Hot Compress
    1 Hour - 450 Baht

About Us

Add some color to your life!

Chic’s Nail Salon is located in the heart of the Old City of Chiang Mai, Thailand, walking distance to the North Gate, Chiangmai’s oldest temple Wat Chiang Man, Sompet Market & the Sunday Walking Street.

We offer a full range of service for nail care, enhancement and art and design as well as expert body waxing and therapeutic massage services. We strive to cater to every client's unique style and individual needs while presenting a relaxing, charming nail salon focused on making your experience both pleasant and memorable.

Chic’s Nail is proud to have a dedicated following of repeat customers who come back for our affordable services, fantastic handiwork and friendly English-speaking staff. Walk-in or contact us for an appointment and see why we are the top nail salon in the heart of Old Chiang Mai.

Personalized Experience
We strive to provide the best experience to our guests. Let us know how we can help with any specific needs.
Professional Care
All of our products are 100% imported, original top brands & not knock-offs. Beware of fake nail products!
We Love What We Do
The staff that you’ll meet in our salon are doing a job that they love to do. We hope you feel the love!

Why Chic's Nail

  • Professional Service
  • High Quality Standards
  • Focus On Hygiene
  • Cute & Cosy Ambiance
  • Huge selection of Polish Colors
  • Charming & Comfortable Salon
  • Top Brands Such As OPI
  • High Quality Products
  • Friendly Personalized Service
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Skillful & Friendly Staff
  • Beautiful Nails Art Designs
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mon to Sun: 10:00am —8:00pm


187/2 Ratchapakhinai Rd.,
Chiang Mai 50200

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